Miri Regev
Miri RegevTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu faces ongoing criticism for week-old statements about Israeli Arabs, a member of his own Likud party alleges that Zionist Union (Labor-Hatnua - ed.) co-chairs Yitzhak Herzog and Tzipi Livni are the true racists. 

According to MK Miri Regev, Livni and Herzog are no different than Amir Hetzroni, the provocative professor thrown out of a Channel Two interview on Sunday after blaming Mizrahis for Netanyahu's victory.  

In an interview with Channel Ten on Monday, Regev lamented the "disgraceful wave of racism" that has pervaded Israel in recent weeks. 

"What elitist Ashkenazis are allowed to say is forbidden to Sephardis. If we said something like that [against them], there'd be a commission of inquiry," Regev argued. 

"Suddenly, the mask has been revealed. We see the true face of racists that hate Mizrahis, who scorn tradition, who scorn those living in the periphery. The time has come...to tell them 'Enough, shame on you, leave the country.'"

"Who wants elitist people like you, who think they can educate Mizrahim and me out of hand?"

Continuing her rant, Regev attacked cultural figures Alona Kimhi and Yair Garbuz for their remarks that targeted Mizrahis. 

"What Alona Kimhi wrote, that Mizrahis drink poison? And what Garbuz said? That we are primitive because we kiss mezuzahs? I'm proud to kiss mezuzahs and to visit the tombs of the righteous." 

"These elitists must stop thinking they can delete Mizrahis, the periphery, and the traditional with a wave of their hands. I'm ashamed of them, and I'm proud of my Mizrahi heritage. I will not apologize before any of these elitists," Regev declaimed. 

Arguing that the reason for the Zionist Union's loss was their failure to condemn Garbuz's statements from a left-wing rally ten day before elections, Regev slammed Livni and Herzog as condescending. 

"The day after the rally they should have gone to graves of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Rabbi Meir and say we are opposed to Garbuz's statement, but they did not, and now they are in the opposition."

Calling Likud's outstanding victory of 30 seats a "great opportunity," Regev concluded by stating her intention to work on lowering housing costs and eliminating water corporations in the next Knesset.