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City fathers in the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva can hold their heads up proudly. A new survey by the Economy Ministry shows that the city, all by itself, is responsible for nearly one fifth of all of Israel's exports. Following Petah Tikva's 17.2% share of Israel's exports is Haifa, which had a 15.6% share, and Ashkelon, with 12.7% of exports.

Israel's business center, Tel Aviv, was responsible for only 10.2% of exports. Jerusalem, the capital, had only a 5.2% share.

The study provided figures for overall exports, as well as for exports by large companies, which did a volume of business of at least $100 million a year. The study showed that more of those larger companies were located in southern and northern Israel, while the smaller exporters, who were responsible for 43.5% of all exports, were in the Tel Aviv area.

In 2014, the study showed, a total of 7,883 Israeli companies sold products or services abroad, 31 of them in volumes of $100 million or greater.