MK Meir Porush
MK Meir Porush Israel news photo: Flash 90

Haredi party United Torah Judaism (UTJ) has already made clear that it will not join a unity government between Likud and Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog, MK Meir Porush stated to Arutz Sheva Wednesday. 

"Most commentators were right when they stated that [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu would find a natural partner for a government in the nationalist camp," Porush stated, "but there will always be those who will try to say that the most logical connection is the establishment of a unity government with Herzog. This scenario does not make sense and there is no reason for it to happen."

"Herzog has announced that he wanted to replace Netanyahu - and then suddenly they can coexist?" he continued. "If Netanyahu would form a government with the Right, he would have a clear, coherent coalition with the nationalist camp, which is his natural allies and where he should be directed." 

Porush dodged questions over UTJ's losing a mandate, according to the latest elections results, falling from 7 seats in the 19th Knesset to 6 in the 20th - possibly due to a lack of votes from the haredi community itself. 

"At the end of the ballot-counting it became clear that United Torah Judaism received 205,181 votes [...] compared to 193 thousand in the previous elections," he noted. "The numbers speak for themselves."

Regarding the coalition, Porush remains hopeful. 

"The hope is that, with God's help, we can stand firmly and with strength for the fundamental principles of our religion, and make every effort so that we can repair the evil done to the government last two years," he said - likely referring to the haredi draft law, Conversion Law, and laws regarding marriageable age which caused controversy during the 19th Knesset.