Baruch Marzel
Baruch MarzelFlash 90

Otzma Yehudit member and Yachad-Ha'am Itanu candidate Baruch Marzel attended an election conference in Maale Adumim Saturday night, where he addressed the struggle for votes among parties belonging to the right-wing bloc. 

According to Marzel, the dilemma for real right-wing voters is between Jewish Home and Yachad, whereby he called on constituents to choose Yachad. 

"We all want to see Orit Struk in the Knesset," Marzel said, referencing the current MK who is now number 13 on Jewish Home's list.

"But I realized that Anat Roth is number 14 on Jewish Home's list. I know she had a personal upheaval and abandoned the Left to come to the Right, but the main question, with all due respect, is not one of a personal nature."

"It's not even half a mandate or even less to Jewish Home, but the real question is if Yachad will be hurt and four mandates will be missing to forming a right-wing government," Marzel opined. 

"If so," he warned, "we will crown Buji [Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog] as prime minister."

Marzel also addressed how his presence in the Knesset would affect the entire parliamentary body, particularly Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett and Jewish Home MK Ayelet Shaked. 

"My entrance to the Knesset will drag the entire Knesset rightward. It will drag Bennett and Shaked, and also the Likud to better places, and Jewish Home would have considerably more leeway." 

More importantly, Marzel summed up, was that "from the perspective of the media, I will be the 'extreme Right' and Bennett and Shaked will be able to release themselves from this image."

"Therefore, for everyone in the land of Israel who finds a right-wing governance important, today, according to all the polls, must ensure Yachad's entrance into the Knesset."

"Although all the surveys have given Yachad between four and five mandates, that could collapse [on election day] and cause the establishment of a leftist government - Netanyahu will not form the government, and Bennett will serve as the Chairman of the State's Criticism Committee from the Opposition," Marzel warned.