RIghtwing protesters in Zion Saure
RIghtwing protesters in Zion SaureHezky Ezra

A right-wing demonstration is being planned for Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday night. 

However, it appears senior officials on the Right vehemently oppose the demonstration, which some see as an attempt to answer the leftist rally that drew tens of thousands last Saturday. 

Planning the demonstration are right-wing activist, and former Kedumim mayor, Daniella Weiss as well the Nahala movement for communities in Judea and Samaria. 

Channel Ten reported Monday that Weiss has been meeting with leaders of right-wing parties for weeks in an attempt to convince them all to meet on the stage of the rally in Rabin Square. 

But the response has been less than positive: not only were leaders uninterested in attending, they wanted to cancel the rally altogether. 

According to Channel Ten, their reluctance to hold the demonstration is twofold. 

The first reason is that right-wing parties are all fighting for the same votes. This has indeed been evidenced recently by jabs between Likud and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett. 

The second reason is the concern among right-wing officials that Daniella Weiss is not enough of a motivator to bring tens of thousands of people to the square.

The inequality in numbers between right and left-wing demonstrators could be interpreted as a failure, officials fear.