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Do campaign promotions on major television networks and radio broadcasts have an effect on voters?

A new survey from strategic research company TRI, conducted in collaboration with Sekernet for Channel Ten, says that for the most part the answer is a resounding "no."  

According to the survey, only 5% of the 501 Jewish Israelis surveyed said they were influenced by campaign propaganda, such as video clips and election ads. 

More than two-thirds of respondents - 67.8 percent - said the propaganda had no effect on their choice come elections. 

According to Dr. Aryeh Rotem of TRI, the results of the survey "strengthen the public discourse, highlighting the irrelevance and obsoleteness of the campaign broadcasts and videos transmitted to [television] networks without any inhibitions or censor."

Campaign commercials are broadcast starting two weeks before elections, but have received low ratings in recent years. 15% of respondents to this survey noted that they were unaware the broadcasting of the ads was coming. 

Respondents to the survey were also asked who they would choose for prime minister in a face-off between current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Labor-Hatnua co-chairs Yitzhak Herzog and Tzipi Livni. 

Forty-eight percent of the respondents answered Netanyahu, while only 30% went with the Labor-Hatnua candidates.