Independence Day ceremony
Independence Day ceremony Israel news photo: Flash 90

Sports and Culture Minister Limor Livnat approved Sunday the list of 14 torch-bearers for the official Independence Day ceremony on Mount Herzl on April 23. 

The 14 individuals were chosen by a public committee under the banner "Israelis who break boundaries."

The list is as follows:

  • Dr. Danny Gold - the inventor and developer of the Iron Dome. He is being honored for his significant contribution to protecting the security of Israel. 
  • Ehud Shabtai - one of the founders and developers of revolutionary navigation application WAZE. Shabtai will light the torch with Or Assouline, a 17-year-old high school student from Acco, who runs a company of young entrepreneurs
  • Rami Levy - a supermarket chain owner who brought about a breakthrough in the retail sector, as well as lower prices in the food sector. Levy has also ensured that families of terror victims receive enough food, most notably after the 2011 Fogel family massacre.  
  • Alice Miller - an IAF pilot whose appeal to the Supreme Court allowed women to join the air force's pilot course for the first time.
  • Lucy Aharish - a Muslim journalist, whose work spurred dialogue and openness between different sectors of Israel's population. 
  • Prof. Marta Weinstock-Rosin - a scientist and researcher in the field of medicine, who developed a drug "to treat Alzheimer's disease and improve the quality of patients' lives." She will light the torch with inventor and engineer Dr. Gabriel Idan.
  • Rafi Mehudar - an engineer and successful entrepreneur, who developed the world famous drip irrigation technology. 
  • Avihu Medina - a singer-songwriter, who made substantial contribution to Israeli and Mediterranean music.
  • Sima Shine - Israel's most senior female intelligence officer. 
  • Gal Lusky - founder and CEO of Israeli Flying Aid, which provides humanitarian assistance to disaster-stricken areas around the globe. 
  • Malka Puterkovsky - a teacher and women's rights activist, who broke ground in teaching women Torah law. 
  • Corporal Dan Korkovsky - an intelligence officer who has persevered in his field despite battling autism. He will serve as the IDF's official representative.