Leftist rally in Tel Aviv, March 2015
Leftist rally in Tel Aviv, March 2015Hadas Parush/Flash90

About 30,000 people participated in a leftist rally Saturday night, in a gathering in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv calling for a change in leadership for the 20th Knesset. 

Participants included representatives from the political left - Meretz, Peace Now, Labor and representatives of the V15 group.

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan spoke at the rally as well, blaming the Right and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the summer war in Gaza.

"Over the past six years, Israel has been stuck like never before," he fired. "For an entire summer, Israeli citizens were in shelters while thousands of rockets were fired at them." 

"We paid a heavy price in blood for a campaign that ended with zero," he added. "Zero deterrence, zero political achievements, only a total reversion of the clock by the political reason to the next round of fighting." 

"Israel is a country surrounded by enemies, but the enemies do not scare me," he said. "I'm afraid of our leadership. I fear the lack of vision and loss of the path. I'm afraid of indecision and stagnation. I'm afraid, above all, of a crisis of leadership. And the leadership crisis here is the most serious we have had to date." 

"I do not want a binational state," he continued. "I do not want us to become an apartheid state. I do not want sovereignty over another three million Arabs. I do not want us to remain hostages to fear, despair and stagnation."