The Ashkenazi-haredi party, United Torah Judaism (UTJ), released its first-ever Facebook-Youtube video Monday. While it is not officially sponsored by UTJ, the Facebook page behind it identifies itself as representing haredi supporters of the party.

The entertaining clip is accompanied by techno music and features foosball (table soccer) players bearing the emblems of liberal and leftist parties Yesh Atid, Meretz and Hadash attempting unsuccessfully to score goals with legislation that is opposed by haredim. The balls being kicked around represent the Enlistment Law, the Conversion Law and proposed cuts in children's stipends, and the goalkeeper – wearing a tzitzit and shtreimel, and bearing the UTJ logo – keeps all of them safely away from the net.

"Only a large and strong UTJ will block the decrees,” states the concluding message.

Not quite as slick as the videos produced by the other parties so far - but it does get the point a cross.

It is interesting to note that the clip does not portray Likud, Jewish Home or even Labor-Hatnua as rivals – possibly because UTJ sees them as potential coalition partners and seeks not to alienate them.

The insular haredi world has fought against the Internet and its influence for years. The use of social media in a UTJ campaign, albeit an unofficial one, is a sign that the technology has penetrated sections of haredi society nonetheless.