Netanyahu and Obama at the White House
Netanyahu and Obama at the White HouseAvi Ohayon/Flash 90

After weeks of tension between the United States and Israel over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's upcoming address to Congress, the White House released a guide to the US-Israel relationship on Sunday. 

The document, titled "5 Things You Need to Know About the US-Israel Relationship Under President Obama," was posted to the National Security Council's website by spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan. 

The White House, whose initial reaction to Netanyahu's speech was frosty, before becoming downright hostile, may be looking to smooth things over, or more likely refute claims of an anti-Israel bias

The first fact the list states is that "President Obama has strengthened Israel's defense in concrete and unprecedented ways," outlining more specifically the foreign military financing Israel has received from the US as well as joint military exercises between the two countries.

Next, the document asserts that under Obama "the US has led global efforts to defend Israel's legitimacy on the world stage."

According to Meehan, such efforts include opposing 18 resolutions in the United Nations General Assembly "that were biased against Israel" as well voting against five anti-Israel measure in the UN's Human Rights Council. 

The list also touts Obama for supporting "Israel in its quest for peace with its neighbors" noting his belief in a two-state solution and the failed peace negotiations under the auspices of Secretary of State John Kerry. 

Finally, the document refers to the flourishing economic relationship between the US and Israel, as well as Obama's investment of millions of dollars to help Israeli immigrants. 

The list, posted just two days before Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to speak before a joint session of Congress, may not have much of an effect as more and more Jewish organizations express support for the speech.