Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu
Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu Israel news photo: Flash 90

Sara Netanyahu slammed the media on Thursday for its criticism of her involvement in husband Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's “business,” by saying that the spouses of many of Israel's political leaders were very involved in what their mates did on the job.

“There are spouses who are much more involved in these matters than I am,” Sara Netanyahu said. “He does not ask for my advice on matters of security or economy, as I am not an expert in these areas.”

Netanyahu made the comments in an interview with the weekend print edition of Ma'ariv, which will appear Friday.

In the interview, she said that media criticism of her involvement in the workings of the Netanyahu household “is an elitist and chauvinistic approach that blames the woman, and tries to place the blame for everything on the woman. It is a sexist approach that seeks to demean the Prime Minister's wife from her natural position as an aide to her husband."

“Anyone who has something bad to say about me is an instant star,” she added. “Fortunately I am a strong person. A weaker person would have been unable to stand the pressure.”

Sarah Netanyahu has been the subject of many press assaults over the years, with most of them being used to, in turn, bash her husband.

In January, testimonies, which emerged in the lawsuit of a former housekeeper, alleged that the Prime Minister’s wife verbally abused her employees and that this abuse would worsen when she consumed large amounts of alcohol.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has since asked the media to leave his family alone.

"The media onslaught against my wife Sarah is yet another low for leading sources in the Israeli media, who don't reject any means to harm me and my political path," he said.

"The campaign 'anyone but Bibi (Netanyahu)' turned into the campaign 'anyone but Sarah' - anything to slander, denounce, attack and do anything to bring down the Likud government led by me, and to pave the path of the Left," said Netanyahu.

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