Dan Shapiro (file)
Dan Shapiro (file)Flash90

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has issued an invitation to Israeli companies to sign up for the SelectUSA Summit 2015, which aims to increase foreign investment in the American market.

Shapiro is to lead a delegation of up to 20 Israeli companies to the Summit, which will take place outside Washington DC from March 23 to 24.

The call comes as Israeli exports to Asia continue to grow, while the percentage of exports to the US remains steady. In 2013 the US was still the largest single target of Israeli exports at 28%, although 32% went to Europe as a whole.

Investors from 72 countries are to take part in the Summit and hold individual meetings with State Economic Development Organizations to get information about investments in each state.

"This summit is a chance for some great Israeli companies to find their market in the United States, grow their business, and expand trade between the US and Israel," said Shapiro. "I strongly encourage more Israeli companies to join me on this delegation and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Israeli investors have contributed significantly to the American economy, helping make the US the most attractive destination for investment."

The US Embassy's Commercial Counselor in Israel, Maria Andrews, added "we are very excited about the Israeli delegation attending the summit... We will continue to work with the companies after the Summit to help them reach their goals, connecting them with economic development officials in the different states."