Israir (file)
Israir (file)Moshe Shai/Flash90

The Israeli family that gained infamy in a scuffle with a flight attendant over chocolate returned to Israel from Bulgaria Monday morning.

Two sisters and the husband of one of them were recorded on the Israir flight that took them to Varna, Bulgaria, as they badmouthed and threatened the flight attendant.

The fight, caught on camera by a fellow passenger, became the talk of Israel's social networks. The sisters and the husband refused to answer reporters' questions and covered their faces with hats. 

However, one of the sisters spoke to Channel 2 news earlier and admitted that “un-positive things were said by both sides in the heat of the moment. We all apologized sincerely to Israir and the passengers. Our holiday was ruined, there is great sadness, we learned our lesson. We all feel bad."

In the video, a woman flies off the handle and screams at the steward to sell her chocolate, saying that she had bought a ticket and thus the steward "works for" her.

As the fight escalated, her sister – who appeared drunk – yelled “sell her the chocolate!" and "you're a piece of garbage!" The husband got up and seemed ready to confront the steward physically but was restrained by another passenger.

Following media coverage of the incident, Israir released a statement blaming a soaring trend of passenger-on-crew violence.

"The trend of violence by passengers against flight crews has been getting stronger, and was even noted in a report by the ICAO - the International Civil Aviation Organization," Israir said. "Our job is to do everything possible to eradicate the phenomenon, primarily for the safety of passengers and flight equipment."

"The video put on the internet was shot by one of the passengers who shared all experiences that we are working to eradicate," it continued. "Israir is doing and will do everything to ensure security and safety on the highest and most rigorous level."