Pipe bombs
Pipe bombs Police Spokesperson's Unit

Route 465 was blocked by police for some time Sunday morning following the discovery of two pipe bombs in Samaria. 

The road was closed near the entrance to the Elisha pre-military academy located next to the Tzofit neighborhood in the West Binyamin community of Neve Tzuf. 

At first it was reported that the road had been blocked as a result of a suspicious object. But when police sappers arrived on the scene, they found two pipe bombs, which had been hurled at the preparatory academy's gate but had not exploded.  

The bomb disposal squad neutralized the pipe bombs and subsequently reopened the road to traffic. 

This is not the first time pipe bombs have been thrown near the entrance to the Elisha pre-military academy, and indeed pipe bombs have become popular among Palestinian terrorists in the region. 

On Sunday, four weeks ago, police sappers were called to the exact same location, after an unidentified object was found on the scene. 

Sappers discovered that the bomb had exploded on Saturday, when students were not attending courses, but were at home for Shabbat. 

Also a few weeks ago, a pipe bomb exploded adjacent to one of the gates of the Givon Hahadasha community also in Binyamin; no one was wounded by the blast.