Rabbi Uri Sherki
Rabbi Uri SherkiScreenshot

Rabbi Uri Sherki, the rabbi of the Beit Yehuda community in Jerusalem and a longtime member of MK Moshe Feiglin's Jewish Leadership faction, is leaving Likud and joining the Jewish Home party.

"I am voting for the Jewish Home,” he said in a video. “Why? Because we need a large party that will prevent the Left from rising and prevent a coalition with the Left, too.”

"We need a home, in which the Jew feels at home,” he explained. “We need a party that is, on the one hand, deeply rooted in Torah and true devotion to the Torah of the Nation of Israel, its tradition, and to the entire nation of Israel and the complete Land of Israel – and yet, a party that is open to the wide public, which receives the Nation of Israel with a friendly face, in which every part of the Nation of Israel feels at home.”

He called upon the public to join the Jewish Home. “Let us all unite, join the political vessel that is currently the only option for bringing to power all of the values that are truly important for us, for the entire Nation of Israel – for Torah, nation and land.”