In an “answer video” to a campaign video posted last week by Yesh Atid, Moshe Kahlon's Kulanu presents his opinion on Yair Lapid's activities as Finance Minister. Matching minute for minute the three hour forty one minute Yesh Atid video, which purports to list the accomplishments of the party in the current Knesset, the Kahlon video shows nothing but a stark picture of a desert – representing the vacuum that Kahlon believes Lapid and his party left behind.

In the Yesh Atid "anti-viral" video, a man is seen sitting in a lawn chair, reciting a very long list of accomplishments Yesh Atid claims - from market reforms to legislation requiring yeshiva students to serve in the IDF. As the speaker recites his litany, an artist in the background paints a wall mural of an angry crowd of young people, presumably demanding a “better deal” from the government.

The Kahlon video shows a computer-generated scene of a desert with the wind blowing sand, apparently meant to symbolize the “desert” Lapid has led the economy into over his period of stewardship of the economy.

“The video shows all of the decisions and reforms that Yesh Atid achieved during its tenure,” Kulanu said in a video.  

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