ISIS terrorist (illustration)
ISIS terrorist (illustration)Screenshot

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have spared no brutal methods in their conquest of Iraq and Syria, executing by burning, stoning and beheading, but a cruel new tactic the group is using to expand its reach involves cutting off civilians from the basic necessities of water and electricity.

In fighting the "atheists," a term it applies not only to non-Muslims but also to Muslims opposing their iron-fisted rule, ISIS has cut off electricity to wide areas in the Damascus region of Syria after its members succeeded in detonating the gas pipe supplying the electric power station.

Meanwhile in the Anbar Province of eastern Iraq ISIS cut off the water to the strategic city of al-Baghdadi during its eventual conquest of the city last Thursday.

The water cut-off took place after ISIS seized five pumping stations drawing water from the Euphrates River. The Anbar Province head asked the Iraqi government for urgent aid in fear that the water disconnect could cause a humanitarian disaster.

Al-Baghdadi did indeed witness a disaster, but one caused by fire and not water - in capturing the city ISIS terrorists brutally burned 45 people to death according to the local police chief, who added that several areas of the city are still under siege.

Elsewhere in Iraq, ISIS terrorists abducted 120 civilians from the al-Abid and al-Nasara tribes in the northeast of the city Takrit, and there is a fear that all 120 have been executed.

The Moroccan Akhbar El-Yom newspaper reports that one of the ISIS members published a warning stating that soon Morocco and Spain will be targeted in attacks, including suicide bombings, explosives and exploding cars.

According to figures of the Moroccan government, 1,500 of the country's citizens left for Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS.