Maj. Gen. Haggai Dotan
Maj. Gen. Haggai Dotan Miriam Alster / Flash 90

Police Commissioner Lt. Gen. Yohanan Danino has decided to dismiss the Commander of the Israel Police's Hof District, Maj. Gen. Haggai Dotan, who is suspected of sexual misconduct.

Dotan is suspected of sexual harassment of five policewomen – an offense that, in Israel, includes making repeated offers of a sexual nature, or comments centering on a person's sexuality. If the person making the comments is the other person's superior, the comments constitute an offense even if the person they were directed at did not say that they are unwelcome.

Dotan was distanced from police work for two weeks when the allegations surfaced and was not allowed into police facilities.

Dotan will be the sixth major-general to either leave or be dismissed from the Israel Police in recent months – most of them for sexually-related offenses.

Danino recently gathered the senior command – or what is left of it – and told them that “Whoever does not fit in with the organization's values, whoever does not like our path... should simply...get up and leave."

"Whoever stays with us will have to stand up to all of the value-related, moral, command-related demands that wearing the Israel Police uniform involves," he stressed.