Hakol Shafit
Hakol Shafit Screenshot

Good news for English-speaking fans of the right-wing satire Latma, as the program's new TV show on Channel 1 has been uploaded with English subtitles to Latma's YouTube channel, meaning the show which airs every Thursday now apparently will be accessible to non-Hebrew speaking audiences.

The second episode of the show "Hakol Shafit," which Latma is translating as "We'll be the Judge," was uploaded with subtitles this week. In its prime on YouTube, Latma featured subtitles in French and German as well as English, and the new subtitling now allows the international audience to once again appreciate right-wing Israeli satire.

In debuting on TV two weeks ago, Latma broke the leftist monopoly on TV satire, although many fans complained the show had changed its original style along with most of its cast and gone more "mainstream."

That change was seen in more skits on social issues along with jokes containing sexual innuendos, and included a shift away from some of the hard-hitting right-wing comedy that had won it a loyal fan-base to begin with, with some speculating this may have been dictated by Channel 1 as a condition for being broadcasted.

However the second episode recovered some of the original spark of the series with strong opening skits of US President Barack Obama and the return of Latma classic Tawil Fadiha, the Palestinian minister for matters of uncontrollable rage who represents the Palestinian Authority.

Fans remain hopeful that the show will return to more of its tried-and-true style, even while remaining in the new more "mainstream" format.