Adelle Biton
Adelle Biton Courtesy: Biton family

Four-year-old Adelle Biton, who passed away following a rapid deterioration in her condition due to a bout with pneumonia, will be buried in her hometown of Yakir in Samaria, the family announced on Tuesday night.

The Biton family said that the funeral will take place on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., despite the difficulties imposed by the Civil Administration, which denied the request to bury Adelle in Yakir, citing the lack of a master plan for a cemetery in a 20 dunam area set aside by the Shomron Regional Council.

Adelle was critically wounded in March 2013, when the family car was attacked with rocks outside of Ariel in Samaria by Arab terrorists, causing the car to crash. The fist-sized rock struck Adelle directly in the head. Doctors said her recovery from the blow was nothing short of miraculous. Adelle had been in and out of the hospital since then in a grueling rehabilitation period.

Given the need to bury her quickly, the Deputy Head of the Shomon Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, urgently contacted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's office on Tuesday evening and spoke with Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit, demanding that the office get involved on the matter.

"It cannot be that a girl who turned into a terror victim will not be able to be buried in the town she lived in just because of a bureaucratic matter," said Dagan. "We demand from the prime minister in the name of the Biton family that he get involved immediately so that we can bring this holy girl to true burial as soon as possible."

Shomron Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika, who together with Dagan was with the Biton family to support them in the hours before Adelle passed, strongly condemned the refusal to bury the infant terror victim.

"Adelle was murdered only because she was a Jew. It is unthinkable that because of bureaucratic problems the holy Adelle will not be buried in a cemetery in Yakir," said Mesika.

"I call on the prime minister to order the Administration not to act with bureaucratic inflexibility, and to allow the burial of Adelle in Yakir in the place she so loved," he added.

Responding to Arutz Sheva’s inquiry on the matter, the Civil Administration said on Tuesday evening, "We send our condolences to the family. The Civil Administration will help as much as possible in locating a burial place.”