Police personnel along a street in central Copenhagen
Police personnel along a street in central CopenhagenReuters

Danish police have arrested two men named as accomplices in Saturday's attacks on a café and on a Copenhagen synagogue on Monday morning. 

Little is known about the men, excepting that they are "young" and will not be identified due to their age. 

"The two men are charged with helping through advice and deeds the perpetrator in relation to the shootings at Krudttonden and in Krystalgade," the Danish police said in a statement.

Omar El-Hussein, the suspected gunman behind the double shootings in Copenhagen who was shot dead on Sunday, was identified by Danish media as a 22-year-old with “a history of violent crime" - and who was released from prison just two weeks ago. 

In the first attack, El-Hussein reportedly shot over 200 bullets into a café' holding a conference on Islam and free speech, which featured several controversial speakers, including possible target and Mohammed cartoonist Lars Vilks.

One man, a 55-year-old identified by the media was documentary film maker Finn Norgaard was killed at the event; three policemen were injured. El-Hussein escaped in a black Volkswagen Polo.

Hours later, he shot at a synagogue in the city center during a Bat Mitzvah, killing 37 year-old volunteer security guard Dan Uzan and wounding two others before fleeing on foot. 

El-Hussein may have been linked with a mainly Muslim youth gang known as “The Brothas," Danish media said, according to the Telegraph; but a spokesman for the group denied any association with the terrorist. 

”We know who he is,” the spokesman said. “But he is not one of ours. He was a lone wolf who kept to himself. We didn’t know that he was in such trouble. We condemn what happened.”