Knesset elections (illustration)
Knesset elections (illustration) Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Extremists from the haredi Eida Haredis organization are once again giving out financial grants to people who refrain from voting in the 2015 elections. 

Posters appeared on notice boards in several communities declaring the doling out of non-voting grants, under the title, "All Votes Count - for Grant Money." 

"Due to the upcoming elections, it will be possible once again to receive cash payment for applicants who can prove that they have not voted in this election, by handing in ID cards etc.," the poster claims. 

The poster also adds a strange set of criteria, noting that the grant is not eligible for citizens who did not vote in the last election, or did not vote for "certain reasons," which remain unspecified. 

It also adds that it does not apply to haredi citizens whose Rabbis told them to vote for a certain party. 

Poster. Haim Lev

More than one haredi community does not vote for anti-Zionist reasons in Israel, despite the plethora of haredi parties running in the Knesset and the various factions representing different sects. 

The anti-Zionist Satmar hassidic sect has once again offered $100 to all who can prove they have not voted during the 2015 elections. According to senior Satmar officials, the intention is to prevent as many Israeli citizens from voting on election day as possible. 

"The previous government proved their intentions to recruit yeshiva students to the army and change the study arrangements of haredi institutions," Satmar's representative in Israel said. 

"It's a shame that there are still haredi parties who believe those politicians who destroy the religion."