Arutz Sheva spoke with former Danish Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Bent Lexner, on Sunday, in the wake of a lone gunman's shooting attack on a Copenhagen synagogue. 

Rabbi Lexner gave more details about the attack on the synagogue, noting that some 80 people were inside celebrating a Bat Mitzvah (coming-of-age ceremony for girls aged 12 - ed.), including several children. 

The assailant then shot at the security guard at the gate, he recounted. Extra police forces were there monitoring the site, as the gunman had launched an attack just hours before on a local café holding an event on Islam and free speech. 

Rabbi Lexner noted that the attack was not a surprise. 

"It's not a surprise because we know that Denmark is on the top list" for terror attacks, he said, "because Denmark is involved in Afghanistan and in the ICC and so on." Rabbi Lexner added that, as such, Copenhagen has been on "high alert" for some time. 

Despite the attacks, he does not think that more Danish Jews will be inspired to make Aliyah, however. 

"We are used to it," he said, "and those who have decided to make Aliyah decided a long time ago." 

In the first attack, two masked gunmen reportedly shot over 200 bullets into a café' holding a conference on Islam and free speech, which featured several controversial speakers, including possible target and Mohammed cartoonist Lars Vilks.

One man, a civilian, died; three policemen were injured. The gunmen - one described as tall, athletic, and with Arabic features - escaped in a black Volkswagen Polo. 

Hours later, another two reported gunmen shot at a synagogue in the city center during a Bat Mitzvah, killing one person and wounding two others. The perpetrators in that attack fled on foot. 

Police stated later Sunday that they had shot dead a lone gunman responsible for both attacks.