Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettYoni Kempinski/Arutz Sheva

Diaspora Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett spoke with the leaders of the Jewish community in Denmark Sunday, expressing condolences and solidarity after a lone gunman shot at a Copenhagen synagogue, killing one.

"We will not agree to get used to the point where people can just shoot the Jews in the streets of Europe," Bennett said. "You cannot make the streets an anti-Semitic shooting range." 

"The State of Israel is standing with you at this difficult time and is ready to help," he added. 

Saturday's double attack killed two people, after the gunman also shot over 200 bullets into a Copenhagen cafe hosting a "Blasphemy Conference" over free speech and Islam. Five police officers were also injured in both attacks. 

The Danish police announced Sunday that they had shot the assailant in both attacks dead outside a suburban train station. They denied the presence of a second gunman in both of the attacks. 

Eyewitnesses at Danish officials have drawn parallels between the attacks and the January 7 terror rampage in Paris, whereby gunmen killed 17 people total at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and the HyperCasher kosher supermarket. 

While the gunman in Saturday's attack has not been identified explicitly at this time as an Islamist, in this attack, an attack against a symbol of liberalism and a Mohammed cartoonist was followed immediately by a fatal attack on Jews, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman noted Sunday. 

"The chain of events in Copenhagen, the attack on a conference for freedom of expression and on a synagogue, proves what we have said over the years: that Israel and the Jews bear the brunt of terrorism first of all because they are the front line in the war of terrorism against the West and the entire free world," Liberman stated. 

"The entire international community should not settle for declarations and rallies against this terror but shake the rules of political correctness and maintain a bitter war of right against Islamic terrorism and its roots," he added.