Rabbi Eliezer Berland
Rabbi Eliezer BerlandFlash 90

Fugitive hassidic sect leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland will be extradited from Holland, a Dutch court ruled Thursday night; Berland's attorneys are expected to file an appeal. 

Berland was hospitalized last month for heart-related illness, further delaying an extradition process which has dragged out for months. 

Meanwhile, the Jewish community in the Netherlands are not happy, to say the least, regarding Berland's presence in the country, which is one of many countries the rabbi has fled to after escaping sexual assault charges in Israel. 

Berland was accused of committing indecent acts against several young female followers; he is wanted in Israel for questioning. Berland fled Israel before he could be arrested, however, to the US, Italy, and Switzerland.

He settled for a time in Marrakech, Morocco before being forced out by the government. He then moved once again to Zimbabwe, from where he was allegedly deported earlier this year.

He was eventually arrested at Amsterdam Airport on September 11 at the request of Israeli authorities.

Israel then formally requested his extradition, a request which was delayed due to legal entanglements over Berland's actions over 1949 Armistice lines as well as due to his illness.