Rock attack on car (illustration)
Rock attack on car (illustration)Yehuda Eliyahu

Yehuda Yifrach, a journalist and resident of Tekoa in the Gush Etzion region, described in a Facebook post Thursday how he was nearly stoned to death by an Arab gang as he was driving Thursday.

“How is one supposed to deal with having been a victim of a murder attempt?” he asked on the social media site. 

According to the post, Yifrach was on his way to the Gush Etzion junction, when a gang of Arab youths on their way to school began throwing rocks at his vehicle.

“One of the them took a large rock and threw it right in the direction of my face,” he wrote.

“I quickly took evasive action, braking and turning left in order to get away from the gang. It helped me avoid the rock, but I nearly got into a head-on collision with an oncoming truck,” Yifrach wrote.

“So now I have to do some car repair. But there is no doubt this was attempted murder, plain and simple. Murder is murder, even if it is committed by kids on their way to high school."

“What is one supposed to do,” Yifrach queried. “Jewish principles tell us that 'if one tries to kill you, you should defend yourself and kill him.' That is a pretty definitive statement.”