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Senators and Vice Presidents may be boycotting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress next month – but the members of the Defenders of Liberty Motorcycle Club will be out in full force to support Israel's leader as he warns the US against compromising on an Iranian nuclear deal.

The group has hundreds of members and supporters across the United States, and “consists of active military, veterans and civilians that believe the United States can still be saved from the shackles of tyranny that currently plagues this great nation,” according to the organization. “We support and defend the United States Constitution and are governed by the Bill of Rights.”

And Israel, the group said on its Facebook page. “We have gotten word that Palestinians will be showing up on March 3 in full protest against the prime minister,” the group said in a post titled “Standing With Israel against Radical Islamic Terrorism.”

According to the group, large numbers of anti-Israel protesters will be in Washington to protest Netanyahu's presence, the message said. “We cannot let it continue or go backward. Tell everyone you know, tell them to tell everyone they know, spread the word as much as you can. They will now be part of the solution or part of the problem.....TIME FOR SITTING AND IGNORING IS OVER......IT'S BEGUN!!!”

The group, which does not appear to have a large number of Jewish members, has set up a special Facebook page to coordinate the pro-Netanyahu event with other motorcycle clubs, and non-bikers as well. The purpose of the event, the group said, is “to maintain an active presence to show support of the Prime Minister's visit to address Congress, and also provide counter-protest to any Islamic extremist protests that may be present.”