Crocodiles Liron Almog/Flash 90

Jordan Valley Regional Council chairperson David Elhayani told Arutz Sheva that an urgent solution needs to be found for the crocodile farm next to the town of Petzael in the region, before the region finds itself under a crocodile invasion.

"The farm was established in the 90s and served as a tourist highlight, thousands of people arrived to see the attraction and to take pictures with the little crocodiles," said Elhayani.

However, the regional head noted that "with the years the farm was closed to tourism, and served the owners as a farm to raise crocodiles for their skin. When they grew up, they would slaughter them and sell the skins."

Elhayani points out that ever since a law passed classifying crocodiles as a protected species the industry of raising them to skin them has been outlawed, and "today it is forbidden to harm crocodiles."

The result? "We're stuck with 1,070 crocodiles that leave 600 eggs each year," he reports.

There is a pressing danger according to the region head, who said "two years ago several crocodiles ran away and we were able to catch them; in the past we found crocodiles in other places, and only by a miracle it ended well."

"We demand that the state evacuate the group of crocodiles from here, before it's too late," warns Elhayani. "Just imagine what will happen if a crocodile escapes into the Jordan (River). It's possible to evacuate them to Cyprus and find a solution for them there."

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