Hamas terrorists inside Gaza "terror tunnel" (file)
Hamas terrorists inside Gaza "terror tunnel" (file) Reuters

In the last several days the IDF has completed the destruction of a terror tunnel from Gaza that was meant to enable terrorists to attack Israeli civilians; the major part of the tunnel had been destroyed during Operation Protective Edge and the remaining passageways have just now been smashed.

The routes of the tunnel that had not been destroyed were under IDF control since the operation and leading up to their final destruction.

The IDF unit that destroyed the tunnel conducted the operation within Israeli territory, adjacent to the security border with the Hamas terror stronghold of Gaza.

During the activities several old weapons were identified and dealt with on the ground. The IDF released a statement saying "southern command forces continue fortifying and strengthening the defense of the region."

Around 30 terror tunnels were destroyed during the operation, although since then Hamas has openly bragged about rebuilding the terror tunnels, using aid materials received from Israel to advance the terrorist activities.

Similar concerns over terror tunnels exist on the northern border with Lebanon, where the IDF late last month began drilling in search of tunnels the same day that Hezbollah terrorists launched an attack, killing two soldiers.

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