Evacuation and demolition in Amona (file)
Evacuation and demolition in Amona (file) Nati Shohat/Flash 90.

Representatives from the Ministry of Defense, the military and the Housing Ministry are expected to tour communities around Binyamin on Sunday morning, in order to identify an alternative home for families from Amona.

In December, the High Court for Justice ordered the destruction of the entire town within two years.

Amona officials said this morning that although the tour directly relates to the future of local residents, "nobody called us" to tell them about it.

"Various parties want to reach an agreement with Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon [over the issue] and did not even have the nerve to talk to us about it," a senior Amona official told Arutz Sheva on Sunday. 

The Defense Ministry, the Binyamin Regional Council, and the IDF's Civil Administration have not responded to the report. 

The Chief of Staff of Amona, Avihai Boaron, noted, "We have no idea what the purpose of the tour was and we were not invited to it."

"We will continue to do everything to settle the Amona issue through legislation or as part of the coalition agreements," he added. "At the same time we are conducting proceedings in the District Court, procedures that we expect will bring changes in the situation and prevent the execution of the judgment [against us]."

"From our perspective is the destruction of Amona is a fatal blow to the residents of the community and their rights," he added, noting that community leaders would not "stand idly by" as their community was destroyed. 

A legalization process of Amona's land is in the works, he also noted. 

In 2004, nine homes were demolished in Amona under state order, despite Arab land claims bearing no proof.

Two years later, the IDF and police came out in full force to remove residents and hundreds of protesters, wounding over 300 people, including three MKs.

In an inquiry later, the Knesset decided that the police had exercised excessive force - yet it did not prevent an injunction against the community being filed yet again.