Dried fruit
Dried fruit Kobi Gideon / Flash 90

The Chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Supreme Court Judge Salim Jubran, issued a temporary order Wednesday forbidding the Jewish Home from handing out dried fruit in honor of the Tu Bishvat holiday, or any other gift, as part of election propaganda.

A resident of Jerusalem named Rami Cohen had filed a motion to the Committee in which he noted an announcement on the Jewish Home's Facebook page, regarding plans to have activists fan out throughout Israel Wednesday and hand out tens of thousands of fruit trays – with some of the Jewish Home MKs taking part in the activity.

Cohen argued that handing out Tu Bishvat fruit contravenes Article 8 in the Elections Law that forbids giving out gifts or serving food and drink as part of election propaganda.

"Handing out trays, when they are given in order to influence the voter to vote for the Jewish Home in the election, even raises the suspicion of an offense of giving election bribes, as per Article 122 and Article 123 of the Elections Law, which says that a bribe is defined as money, something that is worth money, a service or another benefit,” Cohen added.

Judge Jubran issued a temporary restraining order and requested the Jewish Home's response by 10:00 a.am.

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