Hamas terrorist leads 'collaborator' to execution (file)
Hamas terrorist leads 'collaborator' to execution (file) Reuters

The Hamas terrorist organization said Tuesday that it had arrested an "Israeli collaborator" resident of Gaza, who it claimed was considered one of the best intelligence gatherers within the terror stronghold by the Israel Security Agency (ISA).

The captured Gazan reportedly admitted under Hamas interrogation to providing Israel with information, and detailed what that information was and how he was in contact with Israeli security sources, according to the website of Al-Risala which is identified with Hamas, as cited by Channel 10.

In addition, the Hamas report further claimed that the man was captured at one of the border crossings with Israel, and that he had been providing information to Israel for the past 15 years and was among the most "active" collaborators.

Hamas went on to claim that the man tried to obtain information about the location of rocket storage sites, and that he gave Israel information about dozens of homes that were used by the terrorist group and were struck by the IDF during last summer's Operation Protective Edge.

Officials in a report on the site Al-Majdi Al-Amni cited by Ma'an News Agency claimed the man was distributing money from Israel to other "collaborators" in Gaza, and gave ISA names of Gazans who could be blackmailed into working for Israel.

Aside from locating homes used by terrorists, it was claimed he provided information for operations to assassinate top Hamas terrorists during the latest operation as well as in 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense, and likewise helped locate Hamas weapons stockpiles.

A Gaza security source added that the supposed collaborator was guilty of "even more serious" acts than another supposed collaborator who was trapped and executed by the terrorist organization in 2012.

Hamas has a history of capturing alleged collaborators and executing them; at the very end of Operation Protective Edge, dozens of Gazans were rounded up and shot in a brutal killing spree.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) condemned the executions that were conducted without trial, amid speculation that Hamas was taking advantage of the situation to wipe out key members of its Fatah rival that is headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The executions led Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to famously compare Hamas with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization, tellilng the UN "ISIS is Hamas, Hamas is ISIS."

The Hamas executions came after Israel made several pin-point assassination strikes at the end of the operation, taking out three top Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades commanders as well as the group's top financial chief and "Justice Minister," Mohammed al-Ghoul, in addition to an attempted assassination of the Brigades's top leader, Mohammed Deif.