Family, friends mourn Dor Chaim Nini
Family, friends mourn Dor Chaim Nini Edi Israel/Flash90

Four masked men broke into the home of the bereaved Nini family overnight, after their son Dor Chaim was killed during a Hezbollah antitank missile attack along the Lebanese border last week. 

"Mind you, they also broke into his room," Dor's father Nehemiah stated to Army radio Tuesday afternoon. "But they can no longer take anything to me, because compared to the loss of my son, everything is trivial." 

"My daughter saw it first - the picture window was open and our things were lying on the grass," he added. "They saw the signs of a family in morning, the gazebo outside for visitors, and the signs (announcing Dor's death - ed.) and broke into his room." 

Nehemiah added that the break-in was caught on security cameras for the moshav, and that one fellow resident turned to the police. The robbers also broke into several other homes. 

"These are men with no conscience," he fired. "Whatever you could say to them, it won't change who they are." 

Nehemiah added during the interview that he received some answers over what killed his son, and noted that he does not want to harbor a grudge against the IDF. 

"I received 90% of the answers, but I don't need that extra 10% - at my age I already understand and know what happened," he said. "I do not want to be angry at the military, but it could be that it had to be something else. This missile hit Israeli soil and those sitting in the front were not killed. My son and his commander were killed." 

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