Inciting" Image"
Inciting" Image"from Likud Film

The Victory in 2015 (V15) organization filed a complaint with police Monday afternoon against the Likud party and the head of Likud's publicity campaign. 

In a press conference Sunday, Likud party members accused the campaign, headed by several former Obama campaign managers, ofusing a large sum of foreign money to boost Labor and Meretz in upcoming elections.

Haaretz reported last week that the foreign funded organization “One Voice” is bankrolling the V-2015 campaign

The support for the left-wing parties, Likud argues, is to prevent the re-election of Prime Minister (and Likud Chairman) Binyamin Netanyahu, and install a left-wing government in Likud's place. 

Two days prior to the press conference, Likud filed a motion with the Central Elections Committee against the V15 campaign, claiming it was acting as a vehicle for foreign political actors to directly influence the outcome of March elections, in contravention of Israeli law.

The campaign themselves have stated that they believe in "replacing the current government" but claimed "it is not directed at specific individuals."

During the press conference, at which Likud MKs Miri Regev and Ofir Akunis spoke, a video was shown, depicting a terrorist making the "Victory" gesture with his fingers, followed by the number 15. 

V15's complaint, which was submitted after consultation with their legal counsel, stems from that video, which the organization is arguing constitutes incitement. 

V15's headquarters said the video proves "Likud has become a branch of the [anti-assimilation] organization Lehava." 

"It turns out that hiding behind the Bibi-Sitter [a reference to Netanyahu's latest campaign video] are people consciously inciting against young Israelis who serve in the army, fight in the reserves, pay taxes, and work for the future of Israel." 

"This incitement will not scare or daunt us on our way to victory."