IDF Chief Rabbi Avichai Ronsky
IDF Chief Rabbi Avichai Ronsky Flash 90

The Central Elections Committee on Sunday issued an order preventing the use of images, photos, and statements that could be taken to imply the endorsement of the IDF of any particular political party or candidate. The decision was handed down in the wake of a request by the IDF official in charge of election matters on a video that appeared on behalf Jewish Home candidate Rabbi Avihai Ronski.

The video shows Ronski, the former IDF Chief Rabbi, in full uniform, with a host of other IDF officers in uniform speaking in praise of Ronski. The video, shown on Youtube, was produced during the primary campaign for Jewish Home.

According to the IDF official, the video violates clear election rules that prevent the use of security forces in the service of political parties.

In response, Jewish Home said that the video was produced at the behest of Ronski, and that the party had nothing to do with it. “The video appears to have been produced as part of the primary campaign of Rabbi Ronski, and Jewish Home is neutral in these matters,” the party said. According to the party, Ronski has removed the video from Youtube.

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