Likud party representatives held a press conference Sunday afternoon to put forward what they say is evidence of illegal foreign support for the Labor-Hatnua list's election campaign.

Specifically, party members including MK Miri Regev took aim at the V-15 campaign, a project headed by several former Obama campaign managers aimed at unseating Likud and installing a left-wing government in its place.

Regev began with a reference to old claims that Labor party leader Yitzhak "Buji" Herzog was involved in a corruption scandal during the 1999 elections, accusing him of employing "the same method, the same pattern."

"It is sad that a party is trying to buy the government with money via the One Voice movement which is carrying out the V15 campaign," she said, referring to the left-wing NGO which is the primary driver of the campaign.

"It is important to me that the public should know the truth - who is funding the Anti-Zionist Camp?" she continued, in play on words on the joint list's official name, "The Zionist Camp."

Noting a failed bill she put forward that would have forced NGOs to reveal their list of foreign donors, Regev fired: "The one who shot down that bill was none other than Tzipi Livni - it would be interesting (to know) why?"

Deputy Minister Ofir Akunis also addressed the press conference with a reference to the 1999 scandal.

"Another election campaign, another 'NGO saga', and the same Buji Herzog. We recognize the gross, illegal interference of foreign actors."

On Friday, the Likud party filed a court motion against the V15 campaign, claiming it was acting as a vehicle for foreign political actors to directly influence the outcome of March elections, in contravention of Israeli law.

"The obvious purpose of the law is to prevent interference in the Knesset elections campaign using foreign money that could be funneled into campaign propaganda and by limiting the amount of individual donations," claimed Dr. David Shomron, who submitted the petition. "It is obvious that the injection of so much money without accounting and without supervision is likely to enable extremist foreign actors to influence the elections."