Minister Uri Orbach
Minister Uri OrbachFlash 90

Pensioners' Minister Uri Orbach (Jewish Home) is still in serious condition Sunday, despite being hospitalized two weeks ago for a hematological condition. 

Due to the extended leave, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to announce that Orbach is on a temporary leave of absence and to promote Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett as Pensioners' Minister until he recovers. 

Orbach announced his condition two weeks ago, shortly after the Jewish Home primaries. 

''My dear followers, now I have to take the time to treat urgent and important medical issues for my health," Orbach wrote. "Thank you for your prayers and your concern."

Orbach asked supporters not to visit him in hospital or to spread rumors about what condition he may be battling. 

''With God's help and the help of his agents, the doctors, I hope to return to robust health, along with all other patients in Israel," he added. "[My name is] Uri Shraga ben [son of - ed.] Pnina.''

Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett urged his followers, as well, to pray for Orbach.

''My dear followers, our beloved brother, Minister Uri Orbach, needs prayers from us all for his recovery. Please, people of Israel, pray for the next few minutes - each in your own way - and ask for a speedy recovery to Uri Shraga ben Pnina." 

Bennett also posted Tehilim (Pslams) 130.