Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the Likud party have released yet another viral video parodying Labor leaders Tzipi Livni and Yitzhak Herzog on Monday night - this time, as the two struggle to assert their roles instead of addressing a crisis. 

The video shows the squabbling rulers arguing over who is Prime Minister for the day, as an army officer - presumably the next IDF Chief of Staff, Gen. Gabi Eizenkott - waits to deliver urgent news. 

"Prime Minister?" the army officer asks. 

"I am here," Herzog says. 

"What do you mean, 'I am here'?!" Livni fires, causing Herzog to cringe. 

"He said 'prime minister,' I just answered him!" he responds. 

"I am the prime minister today, excuse me," Livni says. "It's a rotation!"

The army officer attempts to explain that the specifics don't matter, but the two squabble nonetheless, pulling out their day planners and iPhones to determine who is meant to be serving in the post for the day. 

The video ends with the army officer reprimanding them for acting this way during a crisis, and with the caption: "It's either us, or them - Only Likud. Only Netanyahu."

This is the second viral video in the series, which first aired with a video showing the two leaders squabbling over the role as a "red phone" call came in from Washington. 

This is also the latest in a series of campaign videos by right-wing parties. Jewish Home has already produced a number of pre-election videos, including a news skit to announce the candidacy of senior Walla! news editor Yinon Magal and a pre-primaries video of Deputy Education Minister Avi Wortzman as Superman

In possibly the most memorable of the PR videos so far, Bennett poses as a left-wing Tel Avivnik to promote the Jewish Home party under the slogan "stop apologizing"; in another, Likud produced a controversial skit portraying the Knesset as a kindergarten. 

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