Ayala Shapira
Ayala ShapiraCourtesy Shapira Family

Charges were filed in the Samaria Military Court Sunday against the terrorists who carried out the terrorist attack last month near Ma'ale Shomron, wherein a firebombing severely burned 11 year-old Ayala Shapira.

The charges attributed to the terrorists - a 16 year-old and a man named as Muhammad Budan - include terrorism and attempted murder. 

According to the indictment, in early November the two made Molotov cocktails and then prepared to lob them at Jewish drivers on the road between Ma'ale Shomron and El Matan. The terrorists positioned themselves on the far hill a few meters from the road and waited for the right moment.

When Ruth Shapira's vehicle - which they identified as an Israeli car - passed the area, Budan lit the Molotov cocktail and chucked it at the moving car. The teenage terrorist then threw rocks. 

As a result, the Molotov cocktail hit the hood of the vehicle, continued its flight toward the road and exploded, while the stones thrown by the minor smashed the windshields.

Seeing that the attack failed to kill anyone, the terrorists sought to try again. On December 25, 2014, the two met at the same place with a Molotov cocktail, they noticed that the Shapira family was passing by in the same car, and attacked again. 

In that attack, the firebomb shattered the windshield and set the passenger seat aflame, burning both father Avner and daughter Ayala. 

Since the attack, Ayala has been hospitalized at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, suffering from severe burns to 40% of her face and upper body. 

However, she is slowly recovering; Ruth, Ayala's mother, stated two weeks ago that "Ayala is healing slowly and in stages, she suffers pain and takes medicine to ease things for her. She speaks with lip movements and explains herself very well."

Ayala's father Avner was also wounded in the attack, albeit not as severely, and remains hospitalized as well, placing Ruth in a challenging position.

"I'm 'surviving' - that's the word," she said. "I function kind of like a single-parent because I have a hospitalized daughter, a hospitalized husband and four [younger] daughters at home, so that the division of time isn't easy, and I roll with it and get by."

Speaking about her husband's condition, she said "Avner remains hospitalized, his condition is improving but until the burn on his back heals he can't leave there."

She emphasized that Ayala's recovery continues at a fast pace, meeting the doctors' highest expectations.

"She's doing everything according to the best predictions they give us, and we believe that with G-d's help it will continue like this and she'll be out of it soon," said Ruth. The public is asked to continue praying for the full recovery of Ayelet bat Rut.