Rabbi Dovid Winiarz
Rabbi Dovid Winiarz Courtesy of the family

The Jewish community in New York is in shock following the death of the self-proclaimed “Facebuker Rebbe”, Rabbi Dovid Winiarz, who was killed this past week in a car accident on the way a Jewish convention in Baltimore.

Family and friends will visit the cemetery on Sunday, as the seven-day mourning period, the shiva, for Rabbi Winiarz concludes.

Rabbi Winiarz’s friends told Arutz Sheva on Saturday night that he had been dedicated to reaching out to Jews throughout his life. He came to be known as the “Facebuker Rebbe" because of his Facebook page, which attracted nearly 13,000 followers, and on which he posted short Torah studies teachings and responded to questions about halakha and Judaism.

Rabbi Winiarz was a passenger last Sunday morning in a vehicle that lost control due to icy conditions and struck another car. He was killed on the spot, while the driver and the front seat passenger, as well as two passengers in the other car survived the crash.

Hours before the accident, he posted a video showing his son and his friends studying in the synagogue and wrote, "Before I leave on my road trip I came to learn Torah with my son and his friend... I will be travelling Motzai Shabbos/Saturday nite with the encouragement of my wife and children to a convention in Baltimore ........ If I am delayed in replying to messages...please bear with me.”

The 49-year-old Rabbi Winiarz is survived by his wife and 10 children.