Yitzhak Herzog, Tzipi Livni
Yitzhak Herzog, Tzipi LivniFlash 90

Jewish Home Knesset candidate Ronen Shoval filed a petition Thursday morning to prevent the Labor-Hatnua joint list from running under the name "The Zionist Camp." 

The founder and former chairman of Im Tirzu, Shoval made his request to the Chairman of the Central Elections Committee - Judge Salim Joubran. 

Shoval submitted the appeal based on "anti-Zionist statements" made by the party's candidates and the existing prohibition on political parties running under names that may mislead the public.

Several more radical members of the new Labor party list have made controversial comments including calls for dodging IDF service, which many see as beyond the pale for a self-declared "Zionist party".

As he submitted the petition Shoval said, "without regard to the legality of the statements, which are themselves problematic and need to be taken care of, deceiving the voters by running under the name 'Zionist' is unacceptable."

"Just as the campaign of Hanin Zoabi running under a list called 'Supporters of the IDF' would be disqualified, so too should a list of Buji [Herzog], Tzipi [Livni], Merav Michaeli, Yossi Yona, Stav Shaffir, etc," he explained.  

The petition comes a week after Jewish Home published a series of posters with images of top Labor candidates along with their troublesome quotes.

These include remarks by Labor Chairman Yitzhak Herzog stating that "the term 'Jewish state' is totally wrong." 

The posters also feature MK Stav Shaffir's comment that "Hatikva is racist" and MK Merav Michaeli calling "not to send children to the army."

Additionally, Yossi Yona, it was revealed this week, signed a letter ten years ago praising soldiers who refused to serve in Judea and Samaria. 

"We must tell the truth to the public and the truth shall prevail. That's the way it goes in democracy, even if it's not always pleasant for the Left," Shoval concluded.