Female soldiers (illustrative)
Female soldiers (illustrative) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Jewish Home's #17 candidate Sarah Eliash sparked some controversy Tuesday, after Army Radio revealed that she made statements opposing women's IDF service in an Ariel University radio interview. 

"There is room for allowing girls to work in national service programs, [but] I think the army is not a framework that works for women; I wouldn't recommend women to join," Eliash stated, in line with the position of Israel's Chief Rabbinate, unchanged since the founding of the state.

She added that, in her view, IDF service is a problem for modesty reasons. 

"There are places in the army, especially in combat, in which the mixing and women of men is really problematic," she said. "To put men and women together in one salad - I think there is no situation that will not harm the laws of modesty." 

Elias also explained what she thinks about the women that fight for the inclusion of women in elite combat units.

In her opinion, "feminism that means that whatever a man does a woman can and should do - this is really an anachronism and I am sorry it is reflected so loudly in our army, that fights for women's military service." 

Eliash, who is an educator who for more than 20 years ran an all-girls' high school in Kedumim and whose daughters served in National Service, has four sons who all served in combat units and said that her stance has remained consistent. 

"In the ulpana we had a conversation about the IDF, but it was not to encourage IDF service," she said. "I said then the same things I say now." 

Jewish Home has not commented on the remarks. 

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