Hevron woman puts on a show for the cameras
Hevron woman puts on a show for the camerasOfer Ohana

In the latest incident of “Pallywood”, an elderly Arab woman who was evacuated by IDF troops from a business in Hevron for security reasons, put on a show for extreme leftists who filmed the eviction.

The business was evacuated after a firebomb was thrown from it at the homes of Jews in Hevron. The local Arabs, who knew when the troops would arrive to evacuate the business, invited leftist activists and journalists to document the evacuation.

In the video, the elderly woman is seen weeping as her daughter instructs her how to “cry” in front of the cameras. However, as the woman begins to cry, the daughter is seen moving aside and smiling towards the journalists and photographers.

The staging of scenes for the purpose of delegitimizing Israel is such a common tactic in the Palestinian Authority, that the industry has come to be known as "Pallywood."

The most famous and successful Pallywood film ever made was that in which an Arab boy, Muhammad a-Durah, was placed in proximity to a Gaza firefight in 2000, and made to look as if he had been shot dead by IDF soldiers. Belated investigations showed that shots fired at a-Durah came from Arabs.

Another famous Pallywood video emerged in late 2012, and it showed a 13-year-old Palestinian Arab girl "getting in the faces" of soldiers near Nabi Saleh and spending a considerable amount of time cursing them, shouting herself hoarse and hitting them on occasion as well. At the same time, adults all around her taped the occurrences, waiting for a soldier to lose his nerve.

The girl was later honored in Turkey and was treated to breakfast with then Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.