Iron Dome
Iron DomeDavid Buimovitch/Flash 90

The IDF has raised the terror alert level on Israel's border with Syria in the Golan Heights, foreign media reported Monday night, after the IAF reportedly attacked a Syrian military target Sunday. 

Several "Iron Dome" missile defense batteries have been deployed along the border, ahead of possible attacks from both government and rebel groups in Syria, according to Sky News.

The IDF has refused to comment on the reports, as per its policy of ignoring foreign media reports.

On Sunday, Hezbollah commander Jihad Mughniyeh was killed in an airstrike in the Syrian Golan allegedly carried out by Israel.

Israeli intelligence sources revealed Monday that he was the head of a "broad and deep" Iranian-sponsored terrorist network. It is suspected that Mughniyeh was planning serious attacks against Israel, including rocket attacks, infiltrations, and using explosives and anti-tank missiles.

The strike also killed six Iranian solders and commanders, including an Iranian general.

An Israeli security source confirmed that an Israeli helicopter had carried out a strike against terrorists in the Golan who were allegedly planning an attack.

Hezbollah responded by vowing an attack on Israel, but made clear it does not want another full-scale war.

"What happened is that the Israelis called Hezbollah's bluff last night," said Hilal Khashan, a professor of political science at the American University in Beirut. "Hezbollah will not be able to retaliate, because if it retaliates, it will be another war. Hezbollah is in Syria and it is not ready for another war against Israel."

That "bluff" was stated clearly last week, when Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah bombastically threatened to conquer the northern Galilee region of Israel in two separate interviews.