"Children calm down, we won't get anything done today," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is seen saying in a humorous new campaign video, in which he brings order to the "kindergarten" of the Knesset in which his rival politicians are presented as unruly children.

Calling him by his name Ivet, Netanyahu tells Avigdor Liberman he has to learn to share with the other kids, as miniature Liberman hogs the toys to himself. The statement is likely a jab at the recent corruption scandal surrounding Yisrael Beytenu that has seen it plummet in the polls.

The child representing Yair Lapid then pokes a miniature Naftali Bennett who lets out a grunt of pain "ach," which is the Hebrew word for brother. Netanyahu says "yes he's a brother," making fun of Bennett's campaign "Bennet is a brother."

Lapid is then seen harshly shaking an abacus likely symbolizing the economy which he was in charge of as finance minister, with Netanyahu saying meaningfully "stop playing with that, you're breaking it."

Then all the kids play musical chairs, trying to grab "seats" representative of the governmental seats or mandates, as Netanyahu tells Lapid and Bennett to "stop fighting over the seat."

"Tzipi (Livni), stop running from place to place," he says next, a jab at her recent union with Labor, after forming her Hatnua party in the last elections after she left Kadima before that, and Likud even before that back in 2005 with the Disengagement Plan.

Bennett is then seen playing with tanks, likely a shot at his claims of "saving" Operation Protective Edge by talking to front-line soldiers and pushing for action against Hamas's terror tunnels.

"To run a country you need a strong and stable government," concludes the video. "Vote Likud to change the method."

It has been noted that the jabs at Bennett come despite an agreement between Likud and Jewish Home not to engage in negative campaigning against each other.

However it didn't take long for the Israeli National Council for the Child to contact judge Salim Joubran, chairperson of the central elections committee, asking that the video be blocked.

Their reasoning - elections laws forbid using children under the age of 15 for elections campaign videos.