Rabbi Ronsky with Naftali Bennett
Rabbi Ronsky with Naftali BennettFlash 90

Rabbi Avichai Ronski, who did well in the Jewish Home primaries Wednesday – is hinting that Naftali Bennett does not intend to add more people to the party's Knesset list, although the party constitution allows him to do so.

Rabbi Ronski came in eighth in the primaries, placing him in the 13th spot in the current list for the Knesset after numerous reserved spots are taken into account besides the ones that are occupied by the candidates elected in the primaries. If Bennett adds two more people of his choosing to the list, Rabbi Ronski could find himself in the 19th spot, which is not considered realistic.

In that case another newcomer, Im Tirzu founder Ronen Shoval, who is currently in the borderline-realistic 16th spot, would also be relegated to the 20th spot.

However, Rabbi Ronski appears to have received assurances from Bennett that he will not appoint any more people to the list. Rabbi Ronski spoke to Galei Yisrael radio Wednesday and said that as a result he is certain to serve in the Knesset.

"I had hoped to enter the Knesset list, and I am certain that this will happen,” he said. “I spoke to Naftali Bennett today and it is certain that this will happen. In short, I spoke with Naftali today and everything is OK. With God's grace I will be an MK.”

Rabbi Ronski, head of the Itamar Yeshiva and a former Chief IDF Rabbi, is a close associate of Bennett's and founded a movement called “The Israelis” together with Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, which eventually joined the Jewish Home. 

According to the Jewish Home's new constitution - accepted in a vote by party members last year amid some controversy - the party leader can opt to insert a candidate of his choice in every fifth space on the list, bypassing the democratic primaries. The amendment was seen as a way of widening the diversity of the religious-Zionist party - but if Rabbi Ronski is right it appears Bennett is already more than happy with the results.