Pistol ammo in the toilet
Pistol ammo in the toiletPolice Spokesperson Unit

Police on Thursday found a likely stolen pistol at the home of an Arab resident of Deir el-Assad in the Galilee, and also found that the man was suffering from an unusually clogged toilet - the toilet was clogged with hundreds of pistol bullets.

Officers in the "Organ - Karmiel" unit of the police searched the house of the 30-year-old resident and his 20-year-old family member, and found a handgun believed to have been stolen, an ammo magazine and hundreds of bullets.

When the officers entered the house, one of the suspects tried to hide the pistol and threw it out the window - to his dismay, an officer standing outside the house clearly saw him toss out the handgun.

As the search continued the officers were surprised to discover that the suspects had tried to hide the ammunition in a very original, albeit not very well thought out, way.

The alert officers spotted 300 pistol bullets in the toilet, where the suspects evidently were unable to flush them down.

The two were arrested and brought in for investigation by police in Karmiel; tomorrow they will be brought to court for a discussion on the extension of their arrest.

The case brings to mind another inventive Arab criminal a year ago; last January a resident of the Arab village of A-Taibe in Samaria was caught by police with 2 Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, ammunition magazines, dozens of 9 millimeter bullets, and dozens of 5.56 millimeter bullets in his home.

"The rifles are a decoration for the house," said the man at the time when questioned by police over the presence of lethal weapons in his house - needless to say, they were not convinced.