Two can play at that game! Feminist newspaper photoshops male leades from Paris pics
Two can play at that game! Feminist newspaper photoshops male leades from Paris pics Screenshot/Waterford Whispers News

While the French magazine Charlie Hebdo managed to insult Muslims around the world with its comical depictions of Mohammed, a UK satirical publication is taking a different tack – making fun of an issue in the hareidi Jewish community by not printing images.

In its latest issue, the UK's Waterford Whispers News used the Photoshop program to cut out all the men from a photo of the Paris anti-terror rally that took place Sunday – its response to the Israel-based hareidi newspaper Hamevaser, which edited all female leaders out of its front-page photo of the event, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, EU foreign affairs chief Frederica Mogherini and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

The march was held Sunday in response to the murders of 17 people in Paris last week - 12 at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, four at the Hyper Cacher kosher market, and a policewoman gunned down in between the two attacks. The killer who invaded the market, Amedy Coulibaly, had a day earlier killed a French policewoman as well. In protest, millions of people gathered in protest Sunday, expressing solidarity with the victims, with world leaders, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and many others, participating.

Netanyahu, along with the leaders of European countries, including Merkel, were at the front of the rally as it moved through the streets of Paris, and a now-iconic photo of all the leaders appeared in newspapers and web sites around the world, including Hamevaser, a daily newspaper that serves Israel's hareidi community. As per policy in the hareidi world, due to modesty issues, images of women are generally banned, and perusing through the pages of the newspaper, readers find no ads or news and feature photos that include women.

In general, editors are able to “work around” the issue, finding an appropriate photo that would match the story, without a women's presence. But with the rally photo, the editors felt they apparently had no choice – so in order to use the photo, they cut Merkel out, replacing her with background.

In response, Waterford Whispers News issued its own version of the photo - without men. The photo shows three women surrounded by – nothing.

Hamevaser has not commented.

Hamevaser's "women-free" picture
Hamevaser's "women-free" picture