Hamas burns Jewish mannequin and Temple model
Hamas burns Jewish mannequin and Temple model Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

An official with the Hamas Islamist terrorist organization warned on Wednesday that Gaza could "become" a breeding ground for extremism, unless the world forks over more funds to rebuild after Hamas's latest terror war against Israel.

"Our message to the world, which is scared of terrorism and extremism, is that the delay in rebuilding Gaza and the continuing blockade against it will make it a ripe environment for the spread of extremism and terrorism," Khalil al-Haya told a Gaza City meeting of Hamas MPs.

"We warn of the consequences," he said without elaborating, reports AFP.

The statement is ironic given that Hamas is an extremist terrorist organization, which called its unity partner Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a "hypocrite" for attending an anti-terror rally in Paris this Sunday. Likewise a Hamas-linked publication last Friday lauded the three Islamist terrorists who conducted the attacks last week, murdering 17 people.

Hamas issued a perfunctory condemnation of the Paris attack on satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, but refused to condemn the hostage crisis at a kosher supermarket in which four Jews were murdered.

However, the Hamas statement may indicate that the organization is indeed worried about extremism and terror - just not it's own.

Israeli security officials have estimated that hundreds of Hamas terrorists are switching over to Islamic State (ISIS), viewing Hamas as too "moderate" evidently in terms of strictly instituting Sharia Islamic law.

That accusation of "moderation" comes despite the fact that Hamas's charter clearly calls for the genocidal slaughter of all Jews and the destruction of Israel.

Hamas's threat of terrorism if it doesn't receive funds comes on the background of pledges by world nations to give the Hamas-stronghold $5.4 billion - four months since the end of Operation Protective Edge that aid still has been slow in arriving.

Part of the reason for the delay is that Hamas has been limitations in transfer to Gaza due to the fact that Hamas has been using the reconstruction materials, including cement, to rebuild its massive array of terror tunnels meant to attack Israeli civilians.

In the operation over 30 such tunnels were destroyed by the IDF, but from the moment the operation ended Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been busily rebuilding.

Hamas has also breached the truce from last August that ended the operation several times, with a rocket attack last month leading Israel to conduct an airstrike on concrete factories used to rebuild the terror tunnels.