Ruth Shapira, mother of Ayala
Ruth Shapira, mother of AyalaYoni Kempinski

Eleven-year-old Ayala Shapira, critically wounded in a firebombing terror attack last month in central Samaria, is improving – and her mother, Ruth Shapira, attributes that fact to the numerous miracles her daughter has merited.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva Wednesday, Shapira said that the miracles even preceded the attack.

“About a month and a half before the December attack, I was in a firebombing incident myself,” she said. “I wasn't injured, but that attack prepared us for the attack that hurt Ayala, allowing myself and my husband Avner to prepare in advance, and ensure that he knew what to do on that fateful night in December.”

Avner Shapiro and his 11-year-old daughter Ayala were attacked by Arab terrorists who threw a Molotov cocktail at their vehicle on December 25.

The two suffered burns, but managed to escape from their burning vehicle, with Avner carrying his seriously wounded daughter along a narrow and dark road for over a kilometer to their community of El-Matan. The incident occurred on a service road between Ma'ale Shomron and El-Matan. Ma'ale Shomron is located off Road 55, which stretches between Kfar Sava and Shechem.

Earlier this week, Sheba Hospital announced a slight improvement in Ayala Shapira's condition. She no longer requires a respirator to breathe, is conscious most of the time and communicates with her parents. The girl is still not speaking and remains in the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit.

“When the terrorists prepared to throw the firebomb, Avner did not panic,” said Ruth Shapira. “When the firebomb entered the car he got out right away and pulled Ayala out from the back seat as well, and carried her home.”

Ayala was close to death when it was finally possible to bring her to a hospital, over an hour after the attack.

“The doctors are very honest about her chances, but we always see her condition tending to the positive side of the doctors' forecasts," said Ruth. 

Ayala is still undergoing restorative surgery, and while her mother is cautiously optimistic about the long term, Ruth Shapira said that Ayala still needs prayers - the public is asked to pray for the complete recovery of Ayelet bat Rut. “I thank all of the Jewish people for their prayers, and for thinking of us,” she added.